今年新加坡管理大學的臺灣參訪團,再次選擇拉瑪作為其中的一站,我們對此感到非常榮幸。 This year, Singapore Management University (SMU) choose Larmax again as part of the Business Study Mission. 能夠再次見到帶領學生出訪的羅慶明博士,更是讓我們由衷地開心!希望每位同學都從這次的參訪過程,或多或少得到一些生命的養分,臺灣和拉瑪隨時歡迎各位再次造訪。 It's our honor to know Dr. Patrick Loh is highly impressed by the visit in 2015, and we're happy to be the host again. We hope every student did acquire something precious yesterday from the story of Larmax. Welcome back to Taiwan anytime!


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