Red Rili Neo

彩色米蝦是指一群體色豔麗多變的小型觀賞蝦,觀賞價值高、繁殖容易,既符合一般人觀賞需求,同時也滿足水族玩家對物種改良的自我挑戰。 Neo Shrimps (Neocaridina davidi) are variable in colours and easy to breed. They're not only popular with beginners, but fulfill hobbyists who devoted to improve breeding skills. 關於物種起源,彩色米蝦是由台灣山澗溪流中的原生物種『黑殼蝦』透過人工選育而成,起初篩選帶有些微紅色紋路表現的個體進行繁殖,強化特徵,培育出第一代紅蝦-火焰蝦。隨著微型缸飼養風氣日盛,觀賞蝦愛好者族群不斷擴大,彩色米蝦也隨著市場的腳步誕生出不同色系,現有火紅(Fire Red)、金黃(Gold Yellow)、木綠(Wood Green)、水藍(Lake Blue)、土褐(Earth Brown)、珠白(Pearl White)、琉璃(Rili)七大色系。 About the origin of Neos, they came from a wild stream species in Taiwan, called “cleaner shrimp”. Breeders picked the original shrimps with few red pattern and mix-bred them to enhance the red color. Finally they got the first generation red shrimp, Neocaridina davidi var. “Flame”. Nowadays small ornamental shrimps become more and more popular with the trend of nano tank aquascaping, the neo shrimps also gradually developed into many colors. We can generalize them in seven tones — ”Fire Red”, “Gold Yellow”, “Wood Green”, “Lake Blue”, “Earth Brown”, "Pure White", and "Rili". 日後我們將於部落格開闢『How to Keep!』單元,從入門的飼養開始,帶領初學者們跨過門檻,體驗飼養觀賞蝦的豐富樂趣,並從中學習到如何鑑賞各種色系的彩色米蝦。 Later we’ll open a new column “How to Keep”, beginners can follow us to learn and enjoy keeping Neo Shrimps.

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