拉瑪國際官網的線上圖庫功能已開啟。 我們相信好照片的感染力勝過千言萬語,透過攝影記錄工作時的點滴,保存每一刻的紀錄,往後都能在線上圖庫即時與拉瑪的朋友們分享。 The online gallery of our official website has been launched. We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, using photography to record how we work and to preserve every moment. Through our online gallery, we would like to share all about Larmax with you. 「今天吃餌的情況如何呢?」 “How’s the feeding today?” 當我們談到魚苗的成長時,飼料或餌料生物是繁殖過程中不可或缺的重要元素,拉瑪魚場用心替不同成長階段的魚蝦調配專用餌料,用以追求最佳的體態與發色。 When we talk about growth of larvae, live feed and fish food are indispensable elements. Larmax farm specially formulates the food & live feed for fish and shrimp based on their different growth stages to pursue the best body shape and color. 將餌料均勻撒入池中是每日的工作項目之一,同時觀察魚蝦進食、水色細微的變化,如此細心完成日復一日的例行事項,是維持品質的不二法門。我們期待每個客戶打開魚箱時都對活體表現感到心滿意足,一如我們出貨時對品質的驕傲。 Spreading fish food evenly into pools is one of our daily work. In the meantime, we observe the condition of feeding and the color of water. Accomplishing those routine works carefully is the only way to maintain quality. We expect our clients to be satisfied with our products when they unpack shipments, just as we take pride in our quality when we pack shipments.

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