Sunkist in the pond.

水質數據(parameter): pH 6.0~7.5 GH 4~8 KH 2~6 TDS 150~400 Temp. 25˚C to 30˚C 彩色米蝦是一種廣泛適應各種水質數據的漂亮觀賞蝦。 Neo Shrimp is a kind of beautiful ornamental shrimp which can be widely housed in different water parameters. 你可以將他們飼養於各種底床與pH值的環境中,比如黑土或大磯砂。軟水與硬水皆可,溫度介於攝氏25~30度。 You can keep them in a wide pH range from 6.0 to 7.5 with different substrates such as aqua soil or aqua gravel. Soft water(GH4~6) or hard water(GH6~8) is fine for them, and they adapt to temperature from 25˚C to 30˚C. 彩色米蝦對各種水質、水溫的環境適應良好,唯獨要注意在水質不佳的水體易因氨氮、亞硝酸的累積造成死亡。 Neo shrimp is highly adaptable to the environment with the condition we mentioned above. However, Neo shrimp is low tolerance for NH3/NH4 and NO2. These toxic materials can easily cause death, so it is very important to keep water clean. 水草是飼養彩色米蝦的絕佳良伴,植物為蝦帶來食物與遮蔽,同時健康的水草對水質有正向幫助,能吸收水中與底床內的營養鹽,有助維持水質清澈。另一方面觀賞蝦為水草清除葉片上的沈積物與藻類,有助水草的行光合作用效率。 Healthy water plants are always beneficial to your shrimp. They not only bring food, but also shelter baby shrimps from hunting of fish. Furthermore, healthy water plants can absorb nitrates which exist in substrates and water to keep water clean. On the other hand, shrimps could help eliminate dust and algae on leaves, it also accelerates photosynthesis. 充足的食物、良好的水質、適當的光照, 維持好這三要件就能長期飼養新米蝦作為水族箱寵物,並更進一步地繁殖它。 Sufficient food, clean water, and moderate lighting. Keeping these 3 points in mind then you can easily keep them as a pet in your aquarium – you can even breed them on your own.

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