30cm cube nano tank


What are you waiting for!? Let’s build your first shrimp tank! First of all, how big the tank you want? 『我要買什麼尺寸的水族箱?』 『What size of tank should I buy?』 這是新手常見的問題,大部分人可能認為越大的水族箱維護起來越困難,所以傾向由微型缸作為入門的選擇,但這可能不是一個初學者最好的選擇。 It's a very common question of beginner. Most people may think that the larger the tank, the harder the maintenance, so some of beginners prefer choosing nano tank to be their first tank. However, this might not be the best choice for a beginner. 大部分水族館販售成套的微型缸,水量約在9L~20L,包含了簡易的過濾器和照明,對有富有經驗的飼養者而言,這足以維持水族箱生態的正常運作,但實際操作上,越多的水量會明顯更有利於魚蝦生存,這有個十分重要的原因 —— 水的緩衝能力。 Generally, you can easily buy a set of Nano tank with 9L to 20L water capacity, simple filter, and lighting in an aquarium shop. For experienced breeder, that equipment is enough for them to operate and maintain the tank. However, for a beginner, plenty of water definitely bring many benefit to your aquatic animal. Here is the key point : Buffer Capacity of Water. 充足的水體能夠稀釋魚蝦製造出的含氮廢棄物延緩水質酸化,既能穩定pH值,也在水族箱成功建立氮循環前讓飼養者能夠以換水的方式維持魚蝦的健康。另外,越大的水體溫度變化越和緩,這也給了水族生物緩慢適應溫差的機會。 Sufficient water can dilute the nitrogenous waste released from aquatic animals. It helps to put off acidification, maintaining a steady pH range. Besides, you can simply change water to maintain the health of your aquatic animal before the Nitrogen Cycle establishes. Also, the larger the amount of water, the smaller the fluctuation of temperature, it gives your aquatic animal a chance to smoothly adapt to the temperature difference 在兼顧便利與空間的需求下,我們非常建議使用市售60cm寬的水族箱作為開始,您很容易就能買到這個符合這規格週邊設備。充裕但不過大的空間足夠容納您喜愛的各式觀賞蝦,也方便日常的管理。 Considering convenience and space, we highly recommend you choose a tank with 60cm width. It’s easy to buy accessories fit this specification. This appropriate size allows you to breed every kind of shrimp you want as well as convenience of maintainance.

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