橘琉璃蝦 Common Name / Orange Rili Shrimp Scientific Name / Neocaridina davidi Water Conditions Temperature:72 – °F / 25˚C – 30˚C pH:6.0~7.5 Hardness:3~6 GH TDS:150~400 Tips 彩色米蝦是一種廣泛適應各種水質數據的漂亮觀賞蝦。 Neo Shrimp is a kind of beautiful ornamental shrimp which can be widely housed in different water parameters. 充足的食物、良好的水質、適當的光照, 維持好這三要件就能長期飼養新米蝦作為水族箱寵物,並更進一步地繁殖它。 Sufficient food, clean water, and moderate lighting. Keeping these 3 points in mind then you can easily keep them as a pet in your aquarium – you can even breed them on your own. Links

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