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2018第二屆西班牙國際觀賞蝦大賽中,拉瑪國際以我們著名的琉璃蝦品系之一『拉瑪藍琉璃/ Larmax Blue Rili』與人工培育白襪蝦改良種『藍幽靈/Blue Ghost』,分別獲得琉璃蝦組及蘇拉威西蝦組冠軍。

We would like to announce that Larmax International won two championsin categories of Rili shirmp and Sulawesi shrimp in the 2nd Spanish Internaitonal Shrimp Contest 2018.The winner were respectively Larmax Blue Rili, one of our famous rili shirmp, and Blue Ghost, a genetically modified species of Caridina dennerli. 近年藍色面盤手錶大受歡迎,水族寵物當然也要跟進時尚流行的腳步,藍色果然很迷人呀~~ Blue dial plate goes down a storm in recent years, of course, aquarium pets would follow the pace of fashion, what a fascinating blue!

#SulawesiShrimp #NeoShrimp #Neos #Neocaridinadavidi

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