蘇拉威西蝦原產於印尼蘇拉威西島上的廣大湖泊,因地殼變動產生的封閉生態系造就了蘇蝦的獨特性:如同海洋觀賞蝦的美麗外觀與姿態,卻在淡水中生活並且繁殖。 Sulawesi shrimp originates in Lake Poso and Lake Matano on Sulawesi island in Indonesia. Crustal movements create a landlocked ecosystem which differs Sulawesi shrimp from most fresh water shrimps. Sulawesi shrimp has an appearance and posture similar to marine ornamental shrimp but breeds and lives in fresh water. 拉瑪國際販售的蘇拉威西蝦『完全』來自台灣島內的人工繁殖,提供原產於Poso Lake與Matano Lake兩大水系中的原生種,如白襪蝦/Caridina dennerli、白蘭花蝦/Caridina sp. (White Orchid Bee)、藍足蜂/Caridina ensifera, (Blue Leg Poso)、乳牛蝦/Caridina trimaculatus 等等,以及經由成熟人工繁殖技術所改良出的藍幽靈白襪/Caridina dennerli “Blue Ghost”、金眼白襪/Caridina dennerli “Golden Eye”。

Larmax International Co., Ltd. only sells tank-raised Sulawesi shrimps from the two water systems Lake Poso and Lake Matano. For example, Cardinal shrimp(Caridina dennerli), White Orchid shrimp(Caridina sp. (White Orchid Bee)),Blue Leg Poso shrimp(Caridina ensifera (Blue Leg Poso)),Three Spot Red Bee(Caridina trimaculatus) etc. Also other crossbred species such as: Blue Ghost shrimp(Caridina dennerli (Blue Ghost)) and Caridina dennerli (Golden Eye).

Photo/Caridina dennerli “Blue Ghost Golden Eye” 金眼藍幽靈

Photo/Caridina trimaculatus, Male 乳牛蝦(公)

Photo/Caridina trimaculatus, Female 乳牛蝦(母)


Tank-raised Sulawesi shrimp can reduce ecological damage also avoid rough harvesting and packaging. Our tank-raised products provides a more stable and normalized product with a reasonable price. https://www.larmax.com.tw/sulawesi-shrimp

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