Shrimp Food


Churro is recommended for amateur breeders, professional farms, and hobbyists that breed colonies with many shrimp fry.


Baguette is recommended for new-variety breeders, aquascapers, retail aquarium stores, and beginners.




Key Point

Key Ingredients

Made from special vegetable protein that is rich in nutrients. High coefficient of protein digestibility, thanks to the unique processing protocol, may greatly increase the survival rate of baby shrimps.

Instead of fish meal or soya bran as primary source of energy, Shrimp Expert uses fresh vegetables and algae to make the secret “Special Vegetable Protein” recipe, which is not only rich in nutrition, but also has a much higher coefficient of protein digestibility thanks to the unique processing protocol, and it turns out to be much better than the traditional formula. After prolonged testing, the use of “Special Vegetable Protein" has been proven to significantly improve both the survival and growth rate of young crystal shrimps. The use of nutritious and quality protein is definitely the first step to become a shrimp expert!


Key Additives

Shrimp Expert, inspired by nature, used several kinds of Chinese herbs and nuts as the remedy; recreated the recipe from “spinach” in Japanese folk recipes, and finally the traditional Chinese recipe with the essence of Taiwan and Japan has been concocted.

To adapt to the natural feeding habit of native shrimps, the Shrimp Expert team conducted a survey and analysis of the natural habitat, and after some experiment was carried out on several food sources, we choose some specific herbs and nuts as remedy, and combined them with "spinach" from Japanese folk recipe to create a Chinese formula that fused the essence of Taiwan and Japan. Attracted by several kinds of fruits and natural oils, the appetite of crystal shrimps will be triggered, and the aroma will spark off a feeding frenzy in the shoal of shrimps.


The classic recipe "spinach" inherited from Japan is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A/C/D, and other trace elements, which are essential for the development of crystal shrimps, and the high content of carotenoids - the precursor of astacine - is one of the key factor in the formation of beautiful shell of crystal shrimps.

Uniquely Shaped

Stimulate the wild instincts and animal magnetism, unique branch shape, stimulate the feeding instinct of crystal shrimps.

Following natural rules and respecting life is the only way to stimulate the glory of wild nature. Keep the biocentrism ethos in mind, eating is not just for satisfying the appetite, but the inner part of natural behavior.


In the natural habitats, freshwater shrimps often climb on rocks and branches to feed, with emerald green, tree-branch-like appearance, Shrimp Expert feeds not only blend in with your aquarium aquascape, but also allow all of your shrimps to join in on the feast without the stressful fighting over food.


Excellent Palatability

The perfect main feed suitable for various shrimp ages, with excellent palatability.

Crystal shrimps from juvenile to adult need not only a healthy & balanced diet, but also palatability. This is the key to improving the survival rate of baby shrimps. For different age groups of shrimps, two main food formulas with different palatability have been designed.


When adult shrimps are nibbling, Churro’s crunchy texture sprinkles numerous fine powders, allowing the smaller shrimp to pick up the smaller ones as they feed, which greatly increases the juvenile shrimp breeding rate. Baguette, on the other hand, has a firmer texture, and its rich nutrition not only makes the adult shrimp more colorful, but also gives shrimp keepers more chance to capture this wonderful moment.

Baking at 
Low Temperature

The handcrafted cuisine, baked at low temperature for 24 hours to capture the aromatic and authentic flavour.

To create the best taste, shrimp expert products are all handmade one at the time, with excellent palatability and unique shape, showing our commitment to the products.


However, to avoid the destruction of nutrition by high temperature, we insist on low temperature baking for up to 24 hours to evenly cook the protein in the best condition, which not only retains the nutritional value of the ingredients, but also creates a classic and charming natural flavor with the aroma of ripening of several kinds of fruits, which is appetizing for all kinds of crystal shrimps.

Ocean friendly

Eco-friendly vegetarian recipes, healthy cuisine without any artificial preservatives and chemical additives, show our continuing commitment to core value - low-carbon footprint and sustainable development..

Environmental sustainability is already a global consensus, and ecological sustainability is our responsibility. We do not use high carbon-footprint fish meal as raw material, nor do we use Antarctic krills or other aquatic by-products. One reason is that it can avoid the spread of biological diseases; and the other reason is it shows our core values of achieving low-carbon footprint and ecological sustainability.


All our products are made from 100% vegetarian, natural and fresh ingredients, without artificial colorants, attractants, preservatives, nor other chemicals, and thus the color and aroma come from real ingredients. In terms of animal nutrition, we use astacin extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis algae and Chitin produced by probiotic fermentation to supplement the essential nutrients of crystal shrimps. Although it is an expensive decision - it is our core belief we deeply hold.

Professional Teams of             Ornamental Shrimps

Professional shrimp farms with a good reputation. Professional teams with high-level vertical integration. As the world's leader of the ornamental shrimp industry, Larmax International has introduced “Shrimp Expert" to shrimp farmers around the world.

Larmax International, based in Taiwan, has over 30 years of experience in the production and breeding of ornamental shrimps and is committed to providing the ornamental shrimps of the highest quality to the world. Until now, we have sold our products to over 40 countries and are renowned as world class professional aquatic farms. Not only that, our professional teams encompass an invaluable diversity of field survey, culture & breeding, feed production and scientific research expertise. Data-driven approaches and years of experience are our sources of hard power.


As the world’s leader of ornamental shrimp industry, we decided to introduce our secret recipe for breeding shrimps that has been improved over the years and create the “Shrimp Expert” brand, from water conditioner to professional shrimp feeds, so that every hobbyist using “Shrimp Expert” can become an expert of ornamental shrimps.


Unanimously Recommended by Enthusiasts

Great products, unanimously recommended by aquarium hobbyists and professional fish farmers worldwide, that you can trust.

The reason why we can breed high-quality crystal shrimps with vibrant colors and beautiful patterns of body is that we use products of Shrimp Expert. Not only used in all our farms, Shrimp Expert is also recommended by other professional crystal shrimp breeding farmers in Taiwan. After using Shrimp Expert products, not just productivity significantly increases, but it provides stable quality and excellent breeding rate of crystal shrimps.


Shrimp Expert has been praised by the aquarium hobbyists from Europe and Asia for its attractiveness and the atomization effect. Shrimp Expert products are of high quality that you can trust, and are definitely worth having. Choose “Shrimp Expert", you’ll become an expert of shrimp.