Friday, August 24, 2018


Crystal shrimps/Caridina cantonesis sp.



The breeding trend of Crystal shrimps originated in Japan. The original crystal red shrimp has been hybridized and innovated into new patterns in Taiwan, just to name a few: King Kong, Galaxy and so on. Taiwan has proved its advanced breeding skills to the world through these new species.



Having high ornamental value, being able to breed in an aquarium and having the possibility to hybridize (e.g. tiger shrimp and bee shrimp) make crystal shrimp an ideal candidate in the fickle aquatic industry.

Recently more and more shrimp contests were held throughout the world. We believe the trend of crystal shrimp will take more people’s attractions in the future.

Photo / Black Kingkong 黑金剛

Photo / Red Kingkong 紅金剛



Larmax International Co., Ltd. has a wide selection of crystal shrimps. Including all of the crystal red shrimp, crystal black shrimp, and golden bee. King Kong such as black king kong, red king kong, blue king kong and super red. In addition, Pinto, for example, fish bone, zebra, and galaxy etc.


We cooperate with local breeders and trustworthy crystal shrimp farms. We can satisfy all your need no matter you are a novice or a professional hobbyist.


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